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Building Models for Marketing Decisions
(International Series in Quantitative Marketing) by Peter S. H. Leeflang, Dick R. Wittink, M. Wedel, and Philippe A. V. Naert (Hardcover - Feb 29, 2000). Springer; 1 edition (February 29, 2000).
With advances in information technology and expertise in modeling, IRI introduced model-based services in the US that explain and predict essential parts of the marketplace. ACNielsen followed, and marketing researchers have been developing increasingly valid, useful and relevant models of marketplace behavior ever since. Models that provide information about the sensitivity of market behavior to marketing activities such as advertising, pricing, promotions and distribution are now routinely used by managers for the identification of changes in marketing programs that can improve brand performances. Building Models for Marketing Decisions, Second Edition describes up-dated marketing models that managers can use as an aid in decision making. Information 

Handbook of Research in International Marketing by Subhash C. Jain (Paperback - Nov 30, 2005). Edward Elgar Pub (November 30, 2005).
The authors address the way international marketing actually functions, as well as theoretical explorations of how it should function. Some of the papers break through the bounds of traditional disciplines and methodologies to borrow whatever tools and concepts are needed for a particular inquiry. Others are less concerned with testing existing theory than with generating new insights. Still others provide results that are significant for managers. Many of the contributors are drawn to problems broad in scope and offer insights that are of considerable value for advancing the state of the art. Part I offers a review of the state of the art in international marketing and examines market orientation and withdrawal. Parts II through IV cover foreign market entry modes, strategy, and cross cultural issues. Parts V and VI discuss global electronic commerce as well as diffusion models, country equity, and global scorecards. A timely and innovative volume, Handbook of Research in International Marketing is a must read for anyone interested in marketing research or international business. Information 

International Marketing by Philip R. Cateora and John Graham (Hardcover - Nov 5, 2008). McGraw-Hill; 14 edition (November 5, 2008).
Addresses global issues & describes concepts relevant to all international marketers, regardless of the extent of their international involvement. Information 

International Marketing: A Global Perspective by Hans Muhlbacher, Helmuth Leihs, and Lee Dahringer (Paperback - Mar 15, 2006). Thomson Learning; 3 edition (March 15, 2006).
The challenge for today’s manager is to identify and seize the opportunities most appropriate to their company. International Marketing: A Global Perspective examines the main issues facing companies that want to compete successfully in the global marketplace. It combines extensive coverage of the relevant theories with a practical approach to the issues. Written in a clear and accessible style, it is divided into several sections covering: assessing a potential market economically, culturally and politically; identifying cultural similarities and differences; deciding which products to market internationally and how to price and promote them; motivating marketing managers to compete globally; building and implementing successful marketing strategies - from making strategic decisions and choosing market positions and entry methods to developing a marketing plan. Using real-world case studies and vignettes centred on contemporary problems and issues, International Marketing: A Global Perspective will be ideal for undergraduates, MBA students and students following executive courses in international marketing or strategy. Information

International Marketing: An SME Perspective by Sean De Burca, Linden Brown, and Richard Fletcher (Paperback - May 30, 2004). Prentice Hall (May 30, 2004).
Unlike other international marketing texts, International Marketing: An SME Perspective, takes a truly global approach that pulls in both Western and Asia-Pacific perspectives. SME refers to Small and Medium-sized Enterprises, therefore the focus is firmly on the role of the transnational firm as an international competitor and the role in international activities of managers of their local subsidiary or branch operations. Information 

International Marketing: Analysis and Strategy by Sak Onkvisit (Hardcover - Aug 25, 2004). Routledge; 4 edition (August 25, 2004).
The main aim of International Marketing, is to provide solid foundations that are useful for explanation, prediction and control of international business activities. The authors have developed a strong conceptual and theoretical framework to help to understand international marketing problems and guide marketing decisions. The book combines both marketing applications and theoretical foundations, thus providing a good balance between theory and practice. Rather than just merely descriptive the approach is analytical and managerial. Information

International Marketing and Export Management (5th Edition) by Gerald Albaum, Edwin Duerr, and Jesper Strandskov (Paperback - Jan 9, 2005). Prentice Hall; 5 edition (January 9, 2005).
This fourth edition has been written in response to the rapid changes occurring in international marketing and the growth in importance of international markets to companies of all sizes. The key factors driving change, including major technological advances and lowered costs in communications, the emergence of e-commerce, improvements in transportation and logistics, continued lowering of barriers to trade and investment, the growth of international alliances and the increasing globalization of business are examined. This book is focused on primarily on the marketing decisions and management processes involved in developing export and other international marketing operations. Information 

International Marketing Relationships by Sue Bridgewater and Colin Egan (Paperback - Sep 6, 2002). Palgrave Macmillan (September 6, 2002).
The goal of marketing activity has now shifted towards a need to seek and forge long-term and profitable relationships with targeted customers. This new text reflects this growing trend and explains international marketing within this context. Providing a comprehensive review of the issues facing international marketing practitioners, the authors explain the subject from a traditional, relationship and networks perspective. The book contains numerous illustrations, case vignettes and real-world examples, making it the ideal text for today's marketing student and practitioner. Information 

International Marketing Research by C. Samuel Craig and Susan P. Douglas (Paperback - May 20, 2005). Wiley; 3 edition (May 20, 2005).
The third edition of International Marketing Research is completely updated to reflect changes in both the structure and practice of international marketing research. Industry consolidation of research firms has accelerated as they strive to better serve global clients. The Internet has burst on to the scene as an alternative way to gather information and conduct surveys rapidly. Increasingly research is being conducted in developing countries as firms expand operations into markets such as India and China. The coverage of research in developing markets has been expanded in the third edition. In addition, to all the updates and changes, a chapter has been added that deals with conceptual and methodological issues in designing and executing research. Information 

International Marketing Strategy: Analysis, Development and Implementation by Isobel Doole and Robin Lowe (Paperback - Jan 2008). South Western Educational Publishing (January 2008).
Sets out the context, techniques and strategies involved in successful international marketing. Provides a good balance of the theory and implementation behind international marketing. Information 

International Strategic Marketing: A European Perspective by J.B. McCall (Paperback - Jun 17, 2004). Routledge; 1 edition (June 17, 2004).
The book uses case studies to develop an understanding of international marketing principles for firms operating in Europe, including MNCs, SMEs and firms in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods market, as well as examples from both the industrial market and the service industries. It also covers the global marketing opportunities in Far Eastern markets and the third world, and the many developments within the European Union and the Single European Market. With a comprehensive subject approach, this book helps readers develop an understanding of marketing firms in Europe that is firmly based in illustrative examples. Information 

Marketing Channels (7th Edition) (Prentice Hall International Series in Marketing) by Anne Coughlan, Erin Anderson, Louis W. Stern, and Adel El-Ansary (Hardcover - Jan 8, 2006). Prentice Hall; 7 edition (January 8, 2006).
A text for international managers and those studying to become managers, presenting ideas that apply to any channel and any product or service on the market today. Uses plentiful examples to illustrate points, from dolls to pet food. Information 

The AMA Guide to the Globe: Managing the International Marketing Research Process by Holly Edmunds (Hardcover - Jul 17, 2006). South-Western Educational Pub; 1 edition (July 17, 2006)
This book is designed to help research buyers make sound decisions regarding international research. Research buyers, as used in this book, could also be a researcher working internally for their own corporate clients. Through a step-by-step discussion of the basic issues and tasks involved in the global research process, this book will help you initiate an international research project, and manage the process from the questionnaire development through the project completion. 

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