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Advances in Business and Management Forecasting, Volume 5
(Advances in Business and Management Forecasting) by Kenneth D Lawrence and Michael D Geurts (Hardcover - Feb 29, 2008). JAI Press (February 29, 2008).
A state-of-the-art study in the application of forecasting methodologies to such areas as sales, marketing, and strategic decision making. More information   

Business and Economic Forecasting for the Information Age: A Practical Approach by A. Reza Hoshmand (Hardcover - Dec 30, 2002). Quorum Books (December 30, 2002).
The globalization of business and the ubiquity of available data in the information age are the driving forces behind the increasing importance of economic forecasting. In order to remain competitive, private and public organizations alike must employ forecasting techniques effectively. More information

Business Continuity Planning: Protecting Your Organization's Life (Best Practices Series (Boca Raton, Fla.).) by Ken Doughty (Hardcover - Sep 11, 2000). Auerbach Publications; 1 edition (September 11, 2000).
Takes a best practices approach to provide a comprehensive continuity solution, detailing how to plan to hand handle disruptions in a business, keep vital operations up and running, and prevent losses that occur when productivity is crippled or security is compromised. More information 

Business Forecasting by J. Holton Wilson, Barry Keating, and Solutions Inc. (Hardcover - Dec 19, 2008). McGraw-Hill/Irwin; 6 edition (December 19, 2008).
The Sixth Edition of Business Forecasting is the most practical forecasting book on the market with the most powerful software—Forecast X. This edition presents a broad-based survey of business forecasting methods including subjective and objective approaches. More information 

Business Planning:Closely Held Enterprises (American Casebooks) by Dwight J. Drake (Paperback - Jul 8, 2008). West; 2 edition (July 8, 2008).
The author uses case studies and various reader-friendly formats to examine a broad range of important planning challenges faced by businesses of all sizes. Highlights of the Second Edition include a new Basic Business Concepts section and a new chapter that illustrates the plan design traps and strategies for transitioning a family-dominated business. The book provides an indispensable mix of technical concepts and practical insights that address the planning needs of business owners and executives. More information 

City-Region 2020: Integrated Planning for a Sustainable Environment by M. Meacher and Joe Ravetz (Hardcover - Jun 2000). Earthscan Publications Ltd. (June 2000).
Offers a vision for how things can and should change--a direction of travel towards the future. This valuable guide presents a 25-year horizon for the evolution and restructuring of the urban system and focuses on linkages and synergies between economic, social and environmental sectors. More information

Econometric Forecasting And High-Frequency Data Analysis (Lecture Notes Seres, Institute for Mathematical Sciences National University of Singapore) by Roberto S. Mariano and Yiu-Kuen Tse (Hardcover - Mar 4, 2008). World Scientific Publishing Company (March 4, 2008).
This important book consists of surveys of high-frequency financial data analysis and econometric forecasting, written by pioneers in these areas including Nobel laureate Lawrence Klein. More information 

Exchange Rate Forecasting: Techniques and Applications (Finance and Capital Markets) by Imad A. Moosa (Hardcover - Feb 12, 2000). Palgrave Macmillan (February 12, 2000).
This book deals with the models and applications of exchange rate forecasting. It is written primarily for professionals with the objective of providing a concise survey of the techniques of forecasting. The book considers the business decisions requiring exchange rate forecasting and some related issues such as market efficiency and trading rules. More information

Financial Forecasting (International Library of Critical Writings in Economics) by Pami Dua and Roy A. Batchelor (Hardcover - Dec 2003). Edward Elgar Publishing (December 2003).
This two-volume set brings together some of the most significant previously published articles by leading scholars in the field. The volumes investigate various aspects of financial forecasting including the forecasting of earnings, bankruptcy, stock prices, interest rates, exchange rates and risk. The articles within each section offer an overview of both statistical models and technical analysis in the subject area. More information 

Forecasting Innovations: Methods for Predicting Numbers of Patent Filings by Peter Hingley and Marc Nicolas (Hardcover - Oct 5, 2006). Springer; 1 edition (October 5, 2006).
This is a practical guide to solutions for a case study of forecasting demand for services and products in international markets - and so much more than just another listing of dry theoretical methods. Leading experts present studies on improvements to methods for forecasting numbers of incoming patent filings at the European Patent Office. Studies are presented from econometric, survey and systems theory viewpoints. A recurring theme is the extent to which it is worthwhile to break down the components of the forecasting problem into classes based on geography, technical descriptions and sub-products. More information 

Forecasting Volatility in the Financial Markets, Second Edition (Quantitative Finance) by Stephen Satchell and John Knight (Hardcover - Sep 24, 2002). Butterworth-Heinemann; 2 edition (September 24, 2002).
This book is of particular relevance to anyone who wants to understand the dynamic nature of the financial markets. More information 

Handbook of Economic Forecasting, Volume 1 (Handbooks in Economics) by G. Elliott, C. W.J. Granger, and A. G. Timmermann (Hardcover - Jul 14, 2006). North Holland (July 14, 2006).
Research on forecasting methods has made important progress over recent years and these developments are brought together in the Handbook of Economic Forecasting. The handbook covers developments in how forecasts are constructed based on multivariate time-series models, dynamic factor models, nonlinear models and combination methods. More information 

New Product Forecasting: An Applied Approach by Kenneth B. Kahn (Hardcover - May 31, 2006). M.E. Sharpe (May 31, 2006). More information  

Principles of Taxation for Business and Investment Planning, 2009 Edition by Sally Jones and Shelley C. Rhoades-Catanach (Hardcover - Mar 21, 2008). McGraw-Hill/Irwin; 12 edition (March 21, 2008).
Principles of Taxation for Business and Investment Planning, by Jones and Rhodes-Catanach is a different approach to the study of taxation from the traditional tax return preparation approach. More information 

Successful Business Planning for Entrepreneurs (with CD-ROM) by Jerry Moorman and James W. Halloran (Paperback - Mar 11, 2005). South-Western Educational Pub; 1 edition (March 11, 2005).
Successful Business Planning for Entrepreneurs differs in approach from traditional college texts that are highly theoretical. This text contains activities and features in which student participation in discussions and group activities is encouraged. The sequencing of chapters and units are designed to closely adhere to the Small Business Administration suggested business plan outline. More information 

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