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Bankruptcy and Insolvency Taxation
, 2nd Edition
, by Grant W. Newton, Gilbert D. Bloom. Wiley; 2 edition. Presents available bankruptcy options detailing how each one is affected by tax provisions of the IRS, Bankruptcy Codes and related cases. Answers tough questions about when to file, what to or what not to file and who is responsible for filing. This revised, expanded edition incorporates major changes in Sections 108 and 382, increased coverage of partnership bankruptcy and net operating income loss issues plus practical, how-to advice.Information

Essentials of United States Taxation, by Howard E. Abrams, Richard L. Doernberg. Kluwer Law Intl. Information

Franchising: An Accounting, Auditing, and Income Tax Guide : A Practical Guide for Franchisors, Franchisees, and Their Accounting and Legal Advisors, by Ross A. McCallum. John Wiley & Sons. Brings together accounting, tax and auditing rules and regulations relating to franchising in an indispensable resource for franchisees, franchisors and their accountants, lawyers and tax preparers. Information

International Taxation of Electronic Commerce, by Richard A. Westin. Kluwer Law International. This book is a minutely detailed `picture' of current reality in the worldwide huddle of revenue regimes as they try to cope with the most daunting challenge they have ever had to face. Information.

Joint Ventures : Business Strategies for Accountants, by Joseph M. Morris. Wiley; 2 edition.  A joint ventures is the joining of two or more business entities or persons in order to undertake a specific business venture. Although a joint venture is not a continuing relationship like a partnership, it may be treated as a partnership for income tax purposes. This book explains everything financial management must know and provide when their corporation is entering a joint venture. Information

Journal of International Taxation, by Bittker. Warren Gorham & Lamont. Information

Legal Aspects of Offshore Financial Law: Confidentiality in Offshore Financial Law & Offshore Trusts and Related Tax Issues in Offshore Financial Law, by Rose-Marie Antoine. Oxford University Press. Information

Manual for the Practice of U.S. International Trade Law, by William Kitchell Ince, Leslie Alan Glick. Kluwer Law International. This manual is written as a guide through the most important legal procedures that control imports. Information

Multinational Investment in Developing Countries: A Study of Taxation and Nationalization, by Thomas Andersson. Routledge. Multinational Investment in Developing Countries explores the struggle for gains from direct investment between multinationals and developing countries. Information

Multistate Corporate Tax Guide 2004, by John C. Healy, Michael S. Schadewald. Aspen Publishers. Information

Tax Compliance for Tax-Exempt Organizations, 2003
(Tax Compliance for Tax-Exempt Organizations, 2003)
, by Steven D. Simpson. Aspen Pub. Information

Tax Havens for International Business
, by Adam Starchild. Palgrave Macmillan. Information

Tax Planning for Troubled Corporations, Bankruptcy and Nonbankrutcy Restructurings 2001
, by James Henderson, Stuart J. Goldring. Aspen Law & Business. Information

Taxation of Companies and Investment in the European Union
(European Practice Library S.), by Gloria Teixeira. John Wiley & Sons Ltd (Import). Written on a country-by-country basis, this book offers an analysis of the tax consequences and practical necessities of foreign investment in European Union countries: setting up new companies, merging with local companies, establishing branches/subsidiaries/permanent establishments, purchasing shares in domestic companies and equity versus debt finance. Information

United States Internal Revenue Service: International Tax Compliance Information Prepared by and for Internal Revenue Service Personnel
, by Charles M. Bruce. Kluwer Law Intl. Information

U.S. International Taxation, 1996
(3 Vol Set), by Joel D. Kuntz. Warren Gorham & Lamont; Ringbound edition. Information

Worldwide Summaries 2002-2003: Individual Taxes/Corporate Taxes
(Worldwide Summaries. 2 Volume Set), by Price Waterhouse Coopers. John Wiley & Sons.
This book has served as the recognized authority on the subject for more than a decade, the first and most respected guide of its kind. This two volume set includes Volume One: Corporate Taxes and Volume Two: Individual Taxes.

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