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Al Jazeera English - AJE.   

Combating Terrorism Center.   CTC Sentinel.  West Point, NY.
The CTC "contributes relevant scholarly perspectives through education, research and policy analysis to combat terrorist threats to the U.S.  It maintains expertise in four primary areas:  terrorism, counterterrorism, homeland security, and weapons of mass destruction".

European Union.   SCADPlus:  Fight Against Terrorism.  
Contains information on the EU's antiterrorism efforts, including action plans, prevention, and protection.

Federal Bureau of Investigation.   Counterterrorism and Terrorism.  
Information on Protecting the U.S.; Taking Precautions; Major Cases.

Federation of American Scientists.   Congressional Research Service Reports on Terrorism

Global Terrorism Database.   
An open-source database includes information on terrorist events around the world since 1970.

JCongressional Research Service Reports on Terrorism.  
Mission is to inform and educate policy makers and the broader policy community about events and trends in those societies which are strategically or tactically important to the U.S.  Utilizes indigenous and primary sources.

National Counterterrorism Center (NCTC)
Serves as the primary organization in the U.S. Government for integrating and analyzing all intelligence pertaining to terrorism and counterterrorism.  Has links to a Worldwide Incidents Tracking System & FBI's Most Wanted Terrorists.

Naval Postgraduate School.   Center for Contemporary Conflict (CCC).  
Analyzes current and emerging threats to U.S. national security.

RAND Terrorism and Homeland Security.  
View terrorism and homeland security documents available online.

South Asia Terrorism Portal
Largest website on terrorism and low intensity warfare in South Asia.  Contains a database and analytic context for research and analysis of all extremist movements in the region.  Concentrates especially on India.

U.S. Army War CollegeStrategic Studies Institute of the US Army War College.  
"Publishes security and strategic reports and publications."

U.S. Department of State.  Country Reports on Terrorism 2007Washington, U.S. Department of State, 2007.
Covers developments in countries in which acts of terrorism occurred, countries that are state sponsors of terrorism, and countries determined to be of particular interest in the GWOT.  Provides information on terrorist groups, their umbrella groups and state sponsors of terror.

U.S. Department of State.  Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism.   
Mission is to forge partnerships with non-state actors, multilateral organizations, and foreign governments to advance the counterterrorism objectives and national security of the U.S.  Serves as a primary coordinator for the Executive Branch in dealing with international terrorism.

United Nations.   UN Action to Counter Terrorism.  
Tracks all UN actions related to terrorism and counterterrorism.


Burleigh, Michael.   Sacred Causes:  The Clash of Religion and Politics, from the Great War to the War on TerrorNew York, HarperCollins, 2007.   557 p.

Center for American Progress.  Terrorism Index.   Washington, Center for American Progress, February 13, 2007.  8 p.

Center for American Progress.  Terrorism Index:  Executive SummaryWashington, Center for American Progress, June 2006.   1 vol.

Center for American Progress.  Terrorism Survey:  Frequency Questionnaire.   Washington, Center for American Progress, 2006.   22 p.

Center for American Progress.  Terrorism Survey II:   Frequency Questionnaire.   Washington, Center for American Progress, 2007.  23 p.

Coll, Steve.  The Bin Ladens:  An Arabian Family in the American Century.    New York, Penguin Press, 2008.  671 p.

Defending the Homeland:   Historical Perspectives on Radicalism, Terrorism, and State Responses, edited by Melinda M. Hicks and C. Belmont Keeney.  Morgantown, WV, West Virginia University Press, 2007.  233 p.

Dekmejian, R. Hrair.   Spectrum of Terror.   Washington, CQ Press, 2007.  370 p.

Encyclopedia of Politics and Religion, edited by Robert Wuthnow.  Washington, CQ Press, 2007.  2 vols.

Ensalaco, Mark.   Middle Eastern Terrorism:  From Black September to September 11Philadelphia, PA, University of Pennsylvania Press, 2008.  318 p.

Focus on Terrorism, edited by Edward V. Linden.  New York, Nova Science Publishers, 2002.  7 vols.

Furedi, Frank.   Invitation to Terror:  The Expanding Empire of the Unknown.   New York, Continuum US, 2007.  203 p.

The Greenhaven Encyclopedia of Terrorism, edited by Patricia D. Netzley and Moataz A. Fattah consulting editor.  New York, Greenhaven Press, 2007.  364 p.

Jane's World Insurgency and Terrorism.   Alexandria, VA, Jane's, 2008.  754 p.

Khalsa, Sundri.   Forecasting Terrorism:  Indicators and Proven Analytic TechniquesLanham, MD, Scarecrow Press, 2004.   105 p.
Enclosed CD-ROM which provides a graphic display of the interface to this forecasting system.

Mahan, Sue and Griset, Pamala L.   Terrorism in Perspective.   Los Angeles, Sage Publications, 2008.  425 p.

Martin, Gus.  Understanding Terrorism:  Challenges, Perspectives, and IssuesThousand Oaks, CA, Sage Publications, 2006.  563 p.

Migration, Culture Conflict, Crime and Terrorism, edited by Joshua D. Freilich and Rob T. Guerette.  Burlington, VT, Ashgate, 2006.  235 p.

Militant Ideology Atlas:   Research Compendium, edited by William Faizi McCants.   West Point, NY, Combating Terrorism Center, 2006.  360 p.

Neumann, Peter R. and Smith, M. L. R.   The Strategy of Terrorism:  How It Works, and Why It FailsNew York, Routledge, 2008.  126 p.

O'Kane, Rosemary H. T.  TerrorismNew York, Pearson Longman, 2007.  210 p.

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Rubin, Barry and Rubin, Judith Colp.   Chronologies of Modern Terrorism.   Armonk, NY, M.E. Sharpe, 2008.  405 p.

Smith, Paul J.   The Terrorism Ahead:  Confronting Transnational Violence in the Twenty-First CenturyArmonk, NY, M. E. Sharpe, 2008.  258 p.

Solway, David.   Big Lie:  On Terror, Antisemitism, and Identity.   Toronto, Canada, LMB Editions, 2007.  1 vol.

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Terrorism Reader, edited by David J. Whittaker.  New York, Routledge, 2007.  334 p.

Understanding Global Terror, edited by Christopher Ankerson and Michael O'Leary.  Malden, MA, Polity Press, 2007.    244 p.


Collins, Kay.  Terrorism:    Locating Sources of Information.  College and Research Libraries News 69:325-328 June 2008.

ETA Down, but Not Out.  Jane's Terrorism and Security Monitor, pp 10-11, June 2008.

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Perl, Raphael F.  International Terrorism:    Threat, Policy, and ResponseWashington, Congressional Research Service, Library of Congress, January 3, 2007.  1 vol.

Terrorism Index.   Foreign Policy No. 162:60-67 September-October 2007.:  http://search.ebscohost.com/login.aspx?direct=true&db=aph&AN=26277364&site=ehost-live


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